Introductory Instructional Paramotor Tandem Paragliding

Experience flying only metres off the ground and then feel the acceleration as we power up the engine taking you to 500m above!

What to expect from an Introductory Instructional Paramotor Tandem?

Fly over the beach or enjoy the magnificent Winelands view. For an introductory instructional paramotor tandem, you are still secured into a harness that is attached to your instructor. However, this time the pilot has a petrol motor attached to their back to give them a little extra juice.

The introductory instructional paramotor tandems let you fly mere meters above the white sandy shore of Dolphin Beach in Table View. Seconds later, you can experience the air whooshing past as the engine powers up and you climb to 500m above. You still only need to do a little running no prior experience is necessary.

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Book Your Flight

We would love you to fly with us, and we believe in talking to our clients. Please email us the dates you are available, and your cell phone number and we can have a chat about where and when we can fly together. The night before your flight, our pilot will contact you with the great news of where and when your flight is.

The more the merrier and large groups can be accommodated but we require notice before flying as we will need to arrange for additional pilots.

What You Must Bring

Bring along your happy face and some:

  • Closed shoes (flat and closed, you need to run remember)
  • A jacket (it gets chilly when you are flying)
  • Some water
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
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Do you need accommodation?

Booking for affordable comfortable accommodation whilst on your paragliding vacation or during your paragliding training course?