Paragliding Equipment

The age of a glider, size to weight class ratio, and the level of difficulty of the wing all vary depending on your needs and skill level.

The basic set of equipment that you need to paraglide includes a glider, a harness, a radio, a helmet, and a reserve. We are happy to assist you in making sure that you get kit that you are comfortable flying in.

To discuss any of the above products simply give Barry a call on 082 658 6710 to discuss your options.

Equipment for training

We recommend you don’t purchase equipment before starting the basic course with us. We provide the basic kit and advise you on what to purchase for your skill level and weight class. We highly recommend that you invest in some wings of your own whether you are a fledgling pilot, an experienced one, or simply looking for some toys we have a range of accessories that Barry would love to show you.

Buying New Equipment

If it is the best quality that you are after, then new equipment is the way for you to go. Brands can vary greatly in price, style, and purpose. We will gladly assist you in purchasing the best gear and help you adjust to it so that you are flying comfortably and confidently.

Previously owned equipment

Previously owned equipment is more budget-friendly, but many gliders are too old or the wrong level for the pilot. Leading to wasted cash on impractical equipment and a confusing experience for a new pilot. We happily assist you in figuring out what it is you want from your equipment and then sourcing previously owned equipment that is the perfect fit for you.

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Do you need accommodation?

Booking for affordable comfortable accommodation whilst on your paragliding vacation or during your paragliding training course?