Paragliding Tours South Africa

Our Our guided tour covers the 3 paragliding hotspots of South Africa, Cape Town, The Garden Route and The Porterville Valley. The combination of these 3 regions makes for a spectacularly diverse array of conditions (including dynamic soaring, coastal soaring, and thermic flying for cross country).

We do not have a fixed itinerary as the Western Cape is known for quick changes in its weather systems. That is why we plan our days according to the weather, your skill level, and your paragliding preferences. Normally, we paraglide 80% of the time, if not more.

The early mornings in Cape Town are typically better for low-airtime pilots and more experienced pilots should take off when the conditions become slightly more adventurous. If the conditions become too strong to fly, we will happily arrange local tourist activities for you.

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Flying in Cape Town

Cape Town is renowned for dynamic-thermic conditions, amazing views of Cape Town City and our famous Franschhoek Vineyards. On extremely rare occasions and only for advanced pilots, a stunning flight from Table Mountain is possible.

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Soaring on The Garden Route

The Garden Route offers different types of coastal soaring opportunity’s and spectacular views of dolphins, whales, and sharks while you soar above the Indian ocean on Paradise ridge. On a non-flyable day, you can walk with elephants at a nearby rescue sanctuary or enjoy some of the best local food at the market.

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Thermalling in Porterville

Porterville is breath-taking, inspiring, challenging, ‘big sky country’ and it is famous for its thermic conditions. The Porterville Valley offers spectacular cross-country and flat land paragliding when the wind is too strong in Cape Town.

Our Full-tour Package

(All inclusive)

  • 14 days and 12 nights per pilot sharing in our accommodation
  • Professional briefing & guiding and updated weather forecasts every evening
  • A recovery driver with radio and cellular contact
  • Optional radio assistance during the flight
  • Guide on-site or flying with you
  • Advice on other tourist activities in the areas
  • All transport
  • Private site fees
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Do you need accommodation?

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