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Courses consist of ground handling sessions, 35-50 solo flights under radio instruction, minimum of 5 hours airtime, theory lectures and winch training, if neccessary. All aviation equipment is supplied for the first 20-30 flights thereafter students are required to purchase their own equipment through Birdmen Paragliding.

Training can be done seven days a week depending on availability of the student and weather conditions. The duration of a course varies from 3 weeks to 5 months. An intensive course for internationals is offered and minimum of 9 flying days is necessary to try and complete the course. Once all the practical requirements have been successfully completed students are required to do a written exam to obtain their SAPHA Basic Licence. Internationals would be required to do a cross over exam in their home countries.

The cost off this course is R25 000.00 per person payable on registration.


Consists of a ground handling session, 3 solo flights under radio instruction. All equipment is supplied and this course takes 1-2 days to complete. No certification is issued. Price per person is R6 800.00

Ground handling is taught at Dolphin Beach, Table View and students get to fly from our training slope. Students are required to use their own vehicles to the site, however, lifts can be arranged and petrol costs
are then shared.

All students to be in possession of a cell phone.

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