Bike ride through the country side and an Birdmen braai

July 7th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized

 Day 20, 4th July


No flying but a bike ride with many others, stopping for lunch, riding through the forests was coolers, but on the start it was hot as hell, with all the leather kit on etc. 105 bikers starting in three different groups, the ride was amazing and a lot of fun.


Getting home for a swim to cool off, relaxing to regain energy before going out to a concert party.


Last day we fly from Scheidegg then had a good South African Braai before packing u and on the plane home.


We had a great time with lots of friends, from different parts of Switzerland laughing and telling stories, and saying good buys.


A big thanks to everyone for putting up with me, great seeing everyone again and a special thanks to Jaco Mia for their overwhelming hospitality.