First Female PPG student airborne

August 5th, 2011 Posted in First Female PPG student airborne, Uncategorized

First female PPG student Airborne.


Last Monday afternoon about 4.30pm we went to Goedgewachgte with a light SE blowing, after good preparation and a few trial pull ups, the motors were fired up, excitement and Adrenaline was pumping, Johannes Jansen and Michelle Black were eager to have their first flights.



Johannes with a forward launch ran from the north end of the run way to the buildings before finally getting airborne properly, but he was not going to give up his dream of flying and this is the day.


He climbed up before getting into his harness and did a few circuits before landing, with a giro doing a touch and go while he was on the downward leg before landing. Johannes has go a mouth full of teeth the smile was so big I had to put on my sunnies. Well done on persistence and a good first flight.


Next Michelle also a forward launch Quote ‘I’m a bit nervous ‘, I said forget about the motor, just pull up turn and when the wing is stable above just keep running and squeeze the accelerate, and off she went on her first flight coming around to fly past me it looked like Michelle had done this before looking very comfortable and shouts and screeches of excitement and one happy, chick. After 3 circuits she made a good landing.

Debrief on both flights and a bit of a break, next flight with a reverse launch off they went and flew around for about 30-40 minutes with the sun setting over Rondebossie berg, known to us as Haystacks, both students enjoying the smooth air flying around taking in the beauty around them and flying PPG.


BIG celebrations after they had landed, what a amazing day, I bet both Johannes and Michelle will be dreaming of this flight for a long time to come.