Table Mountain flight in mid July

August 5th, 2011 Posted in Table Mountain flight, Uncategorized


Looking at the waether on Thursday evening for Friday , Table Mountain was calling so I called Gene Lohrenze and Wayne Heuer to goin me going TM to fly as the prediction was looking good NNE 15.

We arrived at the cable car station at opening time 8.30am on arrival at the top and walking out the station things looked a bit windy, surprise. We walked any way to the launch site hoping for the wind to die off later on.

On the edge of the cliff we mearsured upto 48km per hour, I thinks a little too strong, we played the waiting game after a hour the wind at the cliffs edge had dropped to between 28-35km /p /hour, now looking do able. Wayne laid out and was the first to launch followed by Gene flying off TM for the first time, a little nervous, i’d say as the wind was fairly strong, but Wayne had a good launch, so we followed, soon all three of us were floating wel above the top of TM.


The launches were pritty mucy like a elevator, once you got near the front lip, up up and up you went soon topping out at 1200asl at ceiling height. Many other pilots and friends watch from their offices in town were drewling as this was a fantastic flight and smooth conditions, we had about 45 minutes air time and landed near the car just east of the cable station, but later the wind turned more NWerly and got choppy.