Flying Hermanus and SLP

August 2nd, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

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More flying with students, loving it, getting high, spending hours in the air, enjoying every moment of ground handling and learning lots. WOW we are so fortunate to be able to fly.


Hermanus was good but we had to fly the SW erly bowl, still good conditions although it was over cast. Fighting for space on the ridge and trying to use the light lift learning lots but worth every minute.


After wintery morning and stronger Nw erly winds, we had a lie in, post frontal conditions after 2pm the wind backed off, still a bit of low cloud over the mountains but good to launch.

Myself testing the air for the students, a few other qualified pilots also flew, after top landing we decided not to fly the student until the cloud had lifted and much less cloud suck.


Flying again, enjoying the crisp air, then later headed off to Gordon’s bay, staying above the peaks most of the way, then suddenly sinking out, as I passed the pump station, I guess the wind shifted and was more South, never the less I still had a great flight.


On my return it was the students time to fly, Trudi and Phillip very keen, with very good pull ups off they went soaring in amongst the other pilots. Today was the day to do big ears and speed bar, after a few instructional flights with big ears they could do more on their own.


Only one flight, but it was about 2 hours the best flight ever for them, learning lots and just enjoying every minute of the flight. Words could not describe how they felt when they landed. WOW that was cool. The best ever.