Three sites in one day, Sedge, Paradise and Buffles bay

February 26th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized


Tuesday 26th Three site in one day, starting off at Sedge view for thermic flying, top landings etc, then Paradise ridge from Major dad’s ramp soaring along the majestic cliffs with pristine white almost untouched sand below and finally Buffels bay, for a evening soaring and sunset flight.


At Sedge view there were a few rain showers out to sea, but good to fly, wind a little from the south east, light thermals assisting us to gain altitude, but not getting too high, challenging conditions making one work for the flight. After about 2 hours we were shut down by a big rain cloud.


Later arriving at Paradise ridge wind also a little side on, but good to go, we helped the pilot launch, called full service, assisting with forward launches making sure no one made a mistake and landed in the bushes, everyone off without a problem.


Cruising along the well known paradise ridge for the first time for some, enjoying the majestic views, the wind swung a little more ESE and back to SE within half hour, then later back to ESE. The ridge producing very little lift and everyone turned back toward Kleinkranz for land as not to have to do the golden mile, walk.


A few of us decided, we had not had enough flying for the day so we went to Buffels bay, also light but Robert and myself were able to get up and maximise our flying time.


Flying over the beach alongside some houses, the sparkling and glittering of the ocean was tempting, but the flying was better. Playing doing wingovers, soaring close the sea gulls and enjoying ourselves, finally arriving home by 7.30pm.


A night alone with Candice while the group went out, was great sitting outside with a glass of red wine, chatting and gazing at the stars.