After the rain, the elphants, a surprise epic flight

February 25th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized


Monday 25th surprisingly we had grey skies, light east winds and the weather deteriorated with light rain, we decided to go and visit the Elephant park near Knysna.


An interesting experience, the Elephants used to roam free in the area, but were almost wiped out by poachers, now they are rehabilitating these Ellies and to educated the public experience.


It rained but, still we had a great time, the Ellies like to play in the water holes when it’s raining, plashing, rolling sucking up water/mud and squirting it onto themselves and the public.

Still light rain, we headed for a scenic drive and walk to Knysna heads and a pizza for lunch, then a blue hole the skies were opening up, the wind dropped.


Always optimistic that we could fly, we headed up to Sedge view launch at 16h30, for at least a top to bottom glide. A few minutes of looking and watching the signed of wind approaching and the swallows playing in the light thermals. Time to go Pauwel was the first, thinking he would just have a glide down, but then a bump up he went a quick turn to stay in the lift gaining more height, a few turns and he was above takeoff, then the masses filed off in a hurry, one after the next launched, soon we were all happy again, spirits high and we were working the light thermic lift, some top landing and quickly relaunching.

20140224_18264520140224_182720 - Copy

The sun was getting low, with some clouds in the distance creating fingers of light shining through, creating a vey picturesque scenery for photo’s, this was just fantastic.

20140224_182741 - Copy20140224_182808 - Copy - Copy 20140224_174928

Good things come to whom that are persistent and wait, and wow were we blessed with a fantastic late afternoon, evening flight. Flying for over an hour before everything started to die off and we floated back to planet earth. Flights like these are very special and one will remember this for a long to come.

Back to the house for a Fillet braai, a few beers, relaxing and sharing our excitement, of how the day just got better and better.