Last day in Porterville, good training day and good flights

February 24th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized


Sunday 24th our last day in Porterville area, then back to Sedge field for a few days of coastal soaring.


We had a plan, for the pilots who did not do very well with the XC flying, Sunday was there day, doing a detailed briefing on thermic flying, things to look out for, feeling of the glider, flat turning and radio comms from ourselves, to help them stay in the air longer.


A couple of the pilots had a first flight, this was good, as we assisted and they managed to thermal back up above launch in very light thermals, success.

Time to launch for everyone, choosing the right moment with good lift and before it gets too strong, this time with our help and the experience from first flight,  everyone got and away, rescue ridge was the saving thermal for a few.


One or two landing at Tienage 11km, while everyone else made bumpy 18 km and beyond. Flying out from bumpy towards the R44 road into the flat land,s giving the pilots more experience and teaching them patients, Robert and myself landing just short of the R44 road.


All in all a very successful training, flying day, pilots doing very well, good Xc distance and feeling very good about their achievements.

Landing by 14.30 packing up and a 6 hour drive back to Sedgefield, tomorrow is a new day, with more exciting things to come.