Good day for some and others disapointing

February 23rd, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized


Saturday 23rd Good prediction for Pampoenfontein and flying first south then to the north, west swinging SW, up to 25km in the late afternoon.


Launching at 11.45 before the comp started, most of the group getting a pretty good climb at first but then soon bombed out 2 to 3 km down the ridge, others landed near bumpy while the guru’s, Rob U i, Robert, Aart, Ronald and Patrick climbed high 1900m als at bumpy then going over in to Citrusdal valley.


The views of the valley floor and the surrounding mountains were very beautiful, Ronald climbing out to 2660m asl just north of Citrusdal and was then flying in to a WNW wind, lower down was a SSW. Struggling to get good altitude over constriction and going in to a head wind Ronald decided to fly back towards Citrusdal.

P1050624P1050644  P1050653

We tried a second flight for the pilots whom landed early, but the thermic wind was too strong, stopping off at Kardoesie restaurant for a coffee, Ice cream, Milk shakes and burger very good food and place of rest.