Some difficult weather, then a very good day flying Pampoenfontein

February 22nd, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

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Wednesday 20th wind forecast looked a little strong from 12 ish, we had a window to fly in, arriving on takeoff with a steady wind, but quite cross, as the thermals came through the wind straightened allowing us to launch, sometimes tricky, most of the group got off and had a reasonable flight, a bit bumpy and later the wind increased, so we had to land.


Flying is about having a safe takeoff and landing, with an amazing experience in between, good decision making, if in dought landing is always the best option. We are flying for fun and enjoyment.


Thursday 21st a bad day wind increased from early and belted through later on good thing no one was in the air.


We ground handled for a few hours in a decent temperature, then back to the hotel for a swim and relaxed, catching up with the electronics, PC, mobile phones, steaming hot with fingers tickling the key pads.


Later we went for a mystery drive, a view point over looking the valley, watching baboons sitting on the rocks in the sun, other baboons waving there hands and admiring the views.


Rooi bos tea farm, now harvesting.


Friday 22nd conditions looking good, but a later start, arriving at Pampoenfontein with the comp pilots, we had to launch before there window opened. The wind was from over the back at first, but as the front valley warmed the thermals started to counter the back wind, the basic wind was more south but light on the ground.


The group prepared and started to launch, flying in front of takeoff before heading north down the ridge, some guys had a short flight, while others made it to bumpy, N7 and very well done to Rob Ui, whom flew to Rhnosterhoek.


Collecting the crew on the ground we headed to the N7 takeoff, this facing more into the south direction, on arrival thermic wind but good cycles to launch, climbing above takeoff the first few gliders headed towards Rhnosterhoek, some good climbs, but also big sink grounding a few more pilots.


The rest of us, 11 pilots, flying to Rhnosterhoek and part of the way back along the gravel road.


The local kids can running to great and to helps us pack, with big smiles and arms open to give us  hugs, was a special moment and very special, they walked away after a short ride in our bus with sweats, chips and fruit, big smiles all round.


A great day after some difficult days and a non flying day, spirits are high and everyone keen for tomorrow big Xc.