Decision time, weather turns bad, drive to Porterville and fly

February 19th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized


Tuesday 19th waking up in Sedge with dark skies, hoping this will clear, but actually got worse, decision time, either relax and visit the Ellies near Knysna or pack up and drive to Porterville.


After looking at many different weather sites, we decided the better option was to drive the quick 6 hour to Porterville, it actually did seem very quick, arriving at N7 takeoff at 6.30pm with perfect light thermic breezes blowing up the front, like magic air, not long and everyone was flying again.


The low spirits had been lifted within a few seconds of being air borne. The first pilots to launch had about 50 minute’s air time before the sun set behind Piketberg mountains. The air was smooth, with .5/.8 mps lift going up everywhere, the sun slowly going behind the mountains casting beautiful shadows on the small rolling hills below.


Dinner at 9 pm at the hotel and early to bed.