Arrival of Action Air Sports

February 17th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized


Ronald already with us, the rest of the group from Action Air Sports arrived Saturday night 11pm, with Robert and Angelique, arriving home with a variety of snacks for our guests, a few welcome beers and a welcome briefing.


Up early to drive to the Wilderness area, Sedgefield, stopping off at Hartenbos for a flight, looking at the sea one would have thought the wind was too strong, but it was good. Launching from the beach, a few guys struggled, so I landed to help.


The long ridge can handle lots of glider, some on the beach trying to launch and others soaring around enjoying the easy flying, the view of the ocean and getting the feel of their gliders, as some had not flown for some time.


The people on the beach were gazing at all the pretty gliders floating by, dreaming of wanting to do this one day. We flew for about an hour before the wind picked up even more and we had to use the speed bar, so it was time to land and be safe, a great beginning.


A short drive to our place to get settled, a swim, a few beers, a Fillet braai and to enjoy the evening.


Monday 18th arriving at Sedge view, wind strength looking good on forecast, but getting hot from early in the morning, less wind on takeoff than predicted, a strong inversion and very stable.


Not looking good for thermic flying, we utilised this time to clean the sand out the gliders and doing some ground handling, while a few tried their luck doing a forward launches, a few thermic bubbles inspired the others on takeoff, then landing soon after. The temperature maxed out about 39 degrees, a little warmer than in Europe at this time.


The day never really popped/ worked, but we did have fun, when we decided to pack up and fly down, an amazing thing happened, something like valley release for about 15/20 minutes 3 or 4 of us were in the air at the right.


A light thermals, lift, we worked it and got above takeoff, while the others had landed and aimed for the spot landing, after enjoy this secret lift, we were also slowly sucked down by gravity.


The day was over, back home for a swim to cool off, then another good braai.