An exciting day from Paarl Rock

February 15th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

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Saturday 15th last day for our mixed group, surprise flying site, Paarl Rock, arriving on the ROCK, the wind was perfect, with light thermic cycles coming up, everyone preparing, first off was Michele as usual, others soon followed.


The day was good, getting up was not too difficult, flying in the front and above take off, excited the one’s still waiting to launch, the last three were Patrick, Ronald ad myself.


Searching around, we soon thermaled above the rest, climbing higher and back over the main granite rock, 1000m then 1250m and finally topping out at 1442m, with good consistent climbs of 3.5mps.


Most pilot flew around for a hour or so then landed, in the briefing we discussed flying over to the opposite range then to Franschhoek, well with my altitude I was off on a glide, arriving a little below the ridge, searching for any lift, then finally some birds collected above me and bam, the vario sounded searching for the core I climbed about 450m in this thermal enough to hunt another.


A glide to the next good trigger point and up I went to 1150m, keeping an eye on Patrick and Ronald whom were behind me, trying to keep up. Ronald turned back and Patrick arrived very low, but with his determination he got up again, I lost sight of him as I was well on my way to Franschhoek, another good climb before the final glide into Franschhoek and good landing, my personal best from Paarl Rock.