Porterville 2nd day and Piketberg flying

February 14th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

Thursday 13th Driving over the pass towards take off, the mountain was covered in cloud and a southerly wind direction, the main valley was open, sun spots warming the ground. We drove half way to take off before stopping and reassessing the conditions, in the valley we had a strongish 15/18km p/h wind on the ground, very side on to the take off. We watched two gliders launch and get blown towards Dasklip take off with no height gain, then sinking out towards landing; this was not for us, as we have had fantastic flying for the last two weeks.


We then headed back to Kardoesie launch, this site, we are still preparing, two pilots launched, Ronald and Patrick, with the wind strongish at times not getting too high, they decided to land after a few kilometres, in the distance we could see the wind picking up. Safety first.


Thereafter, some guys went ground handling in 38 degrees, a very good weight loss program, and the other decided on the less stressfull program, relaxing day at the hotel, in the pool with a few beers.


At dinner having a little fun, wearing the Boere messie hats, Michele went to the hair dresser and had hair implants, and Patrick devouring a 500 gram fillet steak.


Friday 14th East wind in the morning then turning to the SW, we decided to fly Piketberg and new site for the group, a little more difficult to fly but very rewarding when one gets up or it can be very frustrating, if you get the sink monster.


Some pilots had two flight, while Michele took first and was challenged but hanging in and getting high, flying for about 2 hours, Michele, Dave, Ronald and myself flying into wind to the Antenna and out to the Spur restaurant for some cold beers, the temperature reaching 40 degrees.


Ronald landing just after the evil dusty rose up like a spitting cobra, showing the turning, twisting as it rose higher and higher sucking dust and sand as it cored up, Ronald staying away until it had moved off then landed very elegantly.


A good time to leave this valley and head back to Cape Town where the SE wind is blowing but cooler, our pool water 29.5 degrees very inviting, swimming and relaxing with a few beers before the Lamb chop and boerewors braai.