Great days in Porterville area Piekenieskloof pass Pampoenfontein

February 10th, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized

If you got style then show it off, Daniel.

Another good days flying, in Porterville, again some PBs, low clouds in the morning then with the heat it cleared quickly and time to fly quite a few pilots flying 3/4hoursand distances from 35/65 kilometer and Daniel and Markus a 100kms.

An interesting day. We’ll done to all.

Choosing the right site, decisions decisions planning slp, then signal hill and finally Porterville area.

Wind WNW good direction to fly south, some having two flights while others taking one and flying to Porterville and back to piekenieskloof and to Citrusdal, a good challenge.

Michael and Rachel flying very well with low experience and my help getting them high and enjoying their flights and days flying.