Classic day at SLP, great turn out all levels.

January 12th, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized



Great choice for the day, Slp, sir Lowrys pass super cool to see all the pilots coming to play today.

Pilots of all levels flying, Students to Xc pilots trying big flights, but due to a strong inversion big flights not possible but still absolutely spectacular flights.

Good conditions and the most amazing scenic flights, close to the mountains, waterfalls and nature surrounding you, a special moment.

Pilots flying to the big peaks Hanskop and beyond Mooredaars peak, with wispy thermic clouds forming adding to the beauty.

Some making it back while others pushed on and got washed out by the Northerly being forced to land in one of the wines farms, a long walk out.

Another epic day for our group who are all in LOVE with Cape Town flying.