Three days in Sedge, flying everyday, all day, many sites

October 28th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

Three awesome days flying in Sedge field and Wilderness area.                                   

Some days flying three sites and our last day doing 5 sites, We flew Holiday Inn great coastal soaring along the sea cliffs and stunning holiday houses, many sea gulls gliding past you at speed, spotting a few Dolphins in the shallows below.

Paradise ridge launching from Major Dads ramp, a special place. again soaring along the majestic cliff slowly being build upon with more and more houses, spotting a few Southern wright whale a fare breaching and splashing blowing testing our eye sight.

Pristine golden beaches below longing for a lonely pilot to coress her sand, while walking back to takeoff.

We flew paradise then into Gerricka’s point, lifting us up high, opening up the view of Sedge and the surrounding areas, the water churning below with different shades of blue green.

After some time we headed over to Sedge Island and landed at home for a celebratory beers, big fire and the Birdmen braai.

Other great sites we flew were kleinkranz, Sedge every day and Buffels bay.

Three great days of thermic and soaring conditions, a beautiful trip, we will be back.