Two days in Porterville area

October 27th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized

          One very good day, flying from Pampoenfontein to Tienage tit, back to Porterville town and out west to Piketberg.

Launching with no great plans, just to fly and have fun. Air a bit bumpy at the inversion layer, but one breaking through cool er air and  smoother. lower we had a SWerly and higher a N Westerly, flying different lines, giving the pilots very different flying altitudes, off the ridge much better.

Nora flying very well doing her persona best, wow was she sooo excited.

The rest of us headed back to Porterville, with some very strong climbs, pushing out into the flats into wind to Piketberg, I was glad to be on my new XAlps 3  glider slicing through the air with ease, some rough air as the SWerly picked up but the glider easy to handle and well behaved, loving it.

Second day more North launching from the pass heading south but air bumpy on the ridge flew out into the flats but a bit windy landing then we headed off directly to Sedge field.