After some non flying days, beautiful Franschhoek

March 13th, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized


Non flying days due to a spinoff low at altitude changed our weather patterns, unstable air mass , thunder, lightning, rain and changing wind directions.

Well we need all rain we can get.


Trying to fly signal hill, with lingering low cloud at first we had a late start, not flying too long due to the clouds opening and closing as the wind increased, but we did get in a good session.


New site for most of the group, Franschhoek is a beautiful very touristic village, set at the foot of beautiful mountains.

At first full cloud cover just kissing the mountain peaks we could fly from 9.30am.

Later the skies opened up, with light winds and light valley thermals, we had a blast flying all over the place.

Most doing top landing while Eike taking advantage and doing ten, Patrick flying all the time a few hours, admiring the beauty seen from high above.

Others of us flying over the village and thermalling up slowly and trying to fly out but no way, good training with light thermals.

Another successful day’s flying.