Winter Porterville flying, soft thermals

April 26th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized



High flights.

Porterville looking very good for student flying, with low winds predicted from the NW.

A good and detailed briefing by all instructors, inspections done on the gliders and pre flights checks complete, one by one, Pulling the glider up, with a good run, off into the abiss with 570m under their feet.

Time to look around at the views below, fields turning slowly a hint of green, Clayton below guiding the students in flight and for landing.

The excitement cheers as each student took to the air, we covered a lot of flying skills, 360 turns, thermaling and climbing, big ears flights and lots more.

Lots of air time, experience and confidence gain, during these flights. After 5 flights their brains were fried, and the adrenaline flowing,.

WOW what a great weekend of flying.