First flights what an amazing experience

April 26th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized



Ground handling and first flights

After a few hours of ground handling the students were eager to go for their first flights, starting off lower, then the last flight of the day, much higher.

Well, well, this is why us Instructor, instruct.

Handling the tension, nervousness and being patient before the first pull up and launch.

Shouts of joy, smiles until the end of earth, eager for the next flight, longer and higher, what a pleasure, for me this is so rewarding, that we can offer this passion and freedom of flight to someone.

First days flying, four flights, and some guys flying for 10/12 minutes, it can only get better.


More ground handling at Dolphin beach, playing with the wing is fun, while other struggle trying to master it.

Then click, it becomes easier when one works with the wind and glider and stop fighting.

Enjoying it more and more.