Day two in Porterville flying Flat lands

January 29th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized


A very light wind day in Porterville, Aha, plans plans, setting a task to fly South to the end of the ridge, back to Porterville then into the flats to Piketberg, along the N7 to Eendekuil and onto to Rhnosterhoek.

First pilots struggled a bit then headed south, other just followed, A lot of the group making it to the southern end and headed back, only one Mark Tulloch, flew across the flat to Piketberg the down the N7, landing expecting stronger winds, but there was not much wind, shit shit.

Other of the group hugged the ridge south and all the way north to Rhnosterhoek and a bit back just over 101kms, well done to Erwald.

The rest of the group flying well and landing, just because…. Also doing over 65kms.

A beautiful day, dinner at the Blowfish, with a great sun set.