Student Training Franschhoek and Cape Town

May 31st, 2012 Posted in Franschhoek training


We have been having absolutly beautifull days in Cape Town, but wind still so not too good for flying during the week.


Weekends have been great, doing two intro courses at our traing slope and other students flying as well doing different manouver for their licenses, with light conditions straight up the from making take offs easy if you run all the way off and the flying day almost until sunset.


The views of the land scapes this time the year is just fantastic.


The following weekend we went to Franschhhoek and also with light winds on take off we flew from 10.30am until 4pm.


Student flying another new site and being able to stay up for over one and half hours, some getting in muliple flights, doing big ears, top landings and just enjoying this amaizing area flying over the Franschhoek wine yards below.


A day to remember for these guys, on such a crisp and beautifull flying day, getting above the top peaks and getting a panaramic view of the whole area.


Hearts pumping as they climbed slowly with light thermals against the rock faces taking they higher and higher. The air was crisp, clean but very cold on their bare hands, but they refused to come down, enjoying every moment of this new world, away from plannet earth.