Magical four hour flight at SLP to sun set

January 24th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized



After a long day we finally got to fly and boy was it good.

Up early to try and fly Llandudno but the wind was too strong early then off to Sir Lowry’s pass, the wind was coming up the front light, but the big problem was the higher ENE wind possibly, creating a big rotor wind spells Danger.

Waiting and hoping it would stop and the Westerly would push it back, after a few hours we headed off to Hermanus as the wind talker was saying good winds SSE, only to be disappointed on arrival. Back to SLP enough time had past for the true westerly winds, now perfect to fly.

I tested the air and the others followed, now flying from 13h00 to sun set four hours of bliss.  Peter, Bruno, and Thomas flying to Hans kop and Moorenaars peak,while I flew local with two other pilots.

Patients prevails, the only ones there to enjoy the afternoon skies.


Non flying days, we tried on the 23rd but due to the thick fog rolling in all over the Cape coast line, with no visibility, no flying.