Last two days in Sedge

January 20th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized



Light drizzle in the morning, a relaxing time until the sun came out.

The only place to fly was Sedge, we had the ridge, bar two other pilots, with lots of top landing and skill flying, we had a great time.


Breakfast at the famous Wild Oats Market, weather not really playing ball with us, light drizzle and very low clouds covering the mountains and the coast line, after a bit of driving to different sites and no luck.

We decided to leave for Cape Town, on the way out Sedge was clear so, we popped up for a flight and ended having a great hour and half flight, clouds rolled in over the front ridge tempting to cover us.

Grabbing the small window of opportunity, before heading back home, flying every day and many different sites in the area was just perfect.