Sedge crossing to Gerricka’s and Paradise ridge

January 20th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized


Back to Sedge view for the first part of the day flying, The masses arrive again groups from all over the place, students and tandem flying, but actually not too bad in the skies.

Later in the day base lifted with very nice cumms forming, time to fly again, a few of our group kitted up and we were off, climbing consistently 2.5/ 3 meters per second, dodging the traffic then climbing above.

At cloud base we headed off towards Gerricka’s point, trying to fly over Sedge town, Bruno leading, Peter and myself followed, all making it across.

A cool flight, peter making it up, while Bruno and myself landing. Peter soared his way up but was not sure to fly down Paradise ridge so landed with us.


Later we relaunched from the ramp on Paradise ridge, flying with low cloud base it was a interesting and exciting flight, slowly the wind backed off, forcing us to land.

Relaxing afternoon playing games, swimming and a fantastic Lamb chop, boerewors and mushroom braai.

Another great day.