Three sites in one day

January 20th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized



An early day to Buffels bay, we had the beach to ourselves, strongish conditions but doable, later we kited and ground handled on the beach and could also launch from there as well.

Flying for 2.5 hours before the wind increased forcing us to stop.

The rest of the day was spent swimming and relaxing.


Another fantastic day flying three sites.

Starting off with the rest of the world at Sedge view lots of groups and students and a few tandems.


I flew with Clayton on his second and third tandem flights, well not too bad Clayton.

Our group had a good time with top landings and climbing up to 420m asl.

Next stop we tried Holiday Inn but way too east, finally flying Gerricka’s dunes and managing to get up on to Gerricka’s, with Origraphic clouds forming, an epic flight.

Three of us managed to cross and enjoy the views from above, while other benefited the ground handling and kiting skills.

Last flying for the day was Buffels Bay, well we were spot on, we flew until sun set, beautiful conditions.

What a treat.

Then for a Ostrich braai.