Great Paradise ridge day and evening at Sedge

January 16th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized



Strong Westerlies in the morning there for a late lie in and a relaxed breakfast.

Stopping off at Holiday Inn, lots of white caps and stronger winds, but the wind dropped very quickly, we decided to launch from Major Dad’s ramp, all went smoothly, flying as a group to Gerricka’s point and back, very cool.

I managed to fly from take off to Gerricka’s then over the gap to past Holiday Inn and back to Kleinkranz, a cool day flying.

Flying up and down the ridge a few times, before the wind backed off and a few pilots landed on the beach for a small walk, but none of our group.

Afternoon flight from Sedge, light conditions, with small pockets of lift, thermals, we had a good late afternoon session, then suddenly nothing.

Clearly a sign for a beer and a T-bone braai.