Day Two, flying SLP and Sedge

January 15th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized



On route to Sedgefield we flew Sir Lowry’s pass for 2.5 hours, arriving with a steady wind for easy launches, fighting to stay up at first, but then the thermals popped, flying to Hanskop and Moordenaars.

As the wind increased at altitude the clouds formed and cloud base dropped, all flying well and enjoying this world class site with again epic views.

A sleepy bus ride to Sedgefield, first stop was sedge takeoff, with light winds and thermals and no one else around we had the place to ourselves, bliss.

What a amazing flight, from 6.30pm to almost sun set, soft thermals and smooth air, we were enjoying this special and scenic place of Sedge.

The nesting Jackal buzzards, birds of prey came to join us, weaving in between the glider, sharing the skies with us, so Cool.

Day two of flying and again flying two very different sites. Epic.

Back home for a swim and a Fillet braai, beers and wine set the mood, for some good discussions.