Classic first day with Airzone, Hermanus and Betties Bay

January 14th, 2018 Posted in Uncategorized


Airzone Sergio 2018

Sergio arrived with his group on the 12th  23h00, arriving home a beer and a briefing before hitting the bed.

Up early the next day to fly in Hermanus and later Betties Bay, well our plan was perfect.

Flying Hermanus was great, lots of other locals arrived to join in, the magic air. A few top landed while others stayed up the entire time, 2.5 hours.

The sea and the views were just picture perfect, at the end some of us landed at the hotel after flying over the ocean looking for any whales or Dolphins but no luck.

Later wind increased, stopping launching, we then headed to Betties Bay, again good wind and good climbs, the dues are good for kiting and paying with different wings, building up confidence.

Flying two great site and a full days flying. A great start.