Paraworld flying Lion’s Head, Hermanus and Porterville

December 1st, 2011 Posted in Paraworld flying Lion's Head Hermanus and Porterville

Sunday 27th Non flying day, as it rained, so we travelled back to Cape Town. Monday 28th everyone was looking forward to fly Lion’s Head, we flew it in wind shadow conditions, so we had to be careful of the SE possibly braking through.


The walk was hot for most except Dominique and myself who got a ride, guess what kind?


The wind was light so we had to go to the top take off, but it was worth every step as the views were fantastic, and few pilots were able to get to the top of Lion’s Head and a few tried the crossing to Table Mountain but did not make it.


A Second flight was possible before the wind picked up and we had to land.


T-Bone steak for dinner, made everyone very hungry and looking forward to another good South African braai.


Tuesday 29th we left home early as to miss most of the traffic and to get to Hermanus in good time before the wind picked up. It was a great day, pilots flying all they wanted in thermic soaring conditions.


Six pilots of the group and flew towards Standford, but not getting too fare as it was more SSW and picked a little making more difficult to fly. On the way home we looked at the Penguins, and they went to Betties bay dunes to try and fly there, the wind was quite cross from the ESE and strongish so only a few of us dared to play, but we had a good time anyway.

Wednesday 30th we flew Porterville and were staying for minimum of 3 days.


Wednesday wind was good from the West and swinging during the to the SW 15- 20km, we had some very good climbs 5.5 mps and as good sink clcles, but never the less most pilots flew very well and others flying to Rhnosterhoek and about 10-15km back distance of about 70-75km



Thursday 1st December we also had a good day, but the wind was more from the South, some pilots flying over to Citrusdal, while other flew more in the flat lands and landed at Eendekuil hotel.


The air was a little rough in the beginning but later on got more manageable and easier to core, therefore making the flight more enjoyable.


A welcome swing after a good days flying, then preparing for another braai Lamb chops and Boerewors, with veggies and salads.