Paraworld, having a blast, max flying

November 27th, 2011 Posted in 6th Dec breaking records, Paraworld having a blast

Thursday 24th we went to Sedge view but conditions were very iffy and unpredictable and the odd rain shower, so we headed to Gerrick’s point.


A detailed briefing and how to do a strong wing launch, we decided that Domonique and I would help the guys with forward launch to make sure everyone got off the first attempt and without too much stress.


One by one the guys took off and straight up they went, some with a little speed bar, but for sure this was one of the most exhilarating takeoffs they have ever experienced, and they were rewarded with 2/3 hours of bliss fantastic views a few Dolphins in the bay, playing around doing big wing overs and climbing again with ease.


After landing ,a few of us playing on the sand dunes below kiting the wings flying the small dunes and just having a blast.


Candice and I did a fillet braai for everyone and wow did everyone enjoy the South African meat and lots of it. Good meat, beers and good wine.


Friday 25th also starting off at Sedge view, Domonique and I did a demonstration on strong wind launches and discussing and showing different techniques, then helping the pilots to practice.


After flying for a while the wind seemed to have turned to more East and became quite bumpy in the air so we went to Map of Africa for the rest of the day.


The Map a smaller place for a lot of gliders, great for top landings and just enjoying easy flying, but one must keep an eye open as there a lot of traffic in the air.


Saturday 26th for breakfast most of went to the Wild oats farmers market for breakfast, and to enjoy what Sedge-field had to offer on their market day.

By 10 am we were at Sedge view and we set a small task for everyone to fly. Conditions were good, but not allowing us to get very high, max 500m asl, so by 1pm we went to Kleinkrans and spent the rest of the day flying Paradise ridge, playing on the dunes, back onto Paradise, flying from Paradise to Holiday Inn and almost back. A perfect flying day and to top it we saw two pods of Dolphins of over 100 in each pod playing and surfing the waves, watching this while flying there is no monitory value, just spectacular.

After a full days flying, most of the group made the flight from Kleinkrans, along Paradise ridge, around the corner to Gerricks point, and over the back to Sedge field Island and walked 200m home, for a swim and a few beers before dinner.