Birdmen Tour, Few spots open, Cape Town, Wilderness and Porterville.

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  Birdmens nest accommodation

Lions Head Table Mountain

Come and experience our magical tours, new experiences in all avenues, flying three areas Cape Town, Wilderness and Porterville area with a few unknown sites.


Soaring, thermic dynamic and good XC flying. As well as seeing our beautiful country, tasting our South African cuisine and the typical SA braai and of course very good red wine.

Our tours for all levels of pilots from just licensed to xc pilots.

Langebaan Porterville

We are very flexible and go where the weather is best, maximizing our flying, we have our own accommodation so we can move if the weather changes.


Dates:  4th Jan – 16th Jan 2020 and 2nd March – -15th March 2020

Hermanus Sir Lowys pass

To get more information and book, please contact us on

Mobile +27(0) 82 658 6710

Barry and Candice Pedersen

Hunting the right conditions and site

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We were looking at many sites, and conditions conflicting, SLP got strong very quickly, coastal sites more west early, stopping at the Penguins for a look smell and coffee.

Finally flying at Hermanus good winds and all good takeoffs getting high with ease, reaching cloud base air a bit bumpy due to the inversion.

Enjoying the days outing and flying finally landing at the Marine Hotel, after flying well over the sea.


Look, drive and be rewarded.

Piketberg, Hermanus and Sir Lowry’s pass

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Very strong SE erly winds blowing Cape town, on the drive to Piketberg very windy as well, arriving a bit strong and gusty, this can change.

After some waiting it did drop and one pilot took the gap and got off, 20 minutes later the wind increased allot and we stopped flying, short day.

Next day was very different flying Hermanus working light thermals and having good flying,

In late afternoon wind backed off we then headed to SLP for a late afternoon flight, this was spectacular.

Light on launch and working to get up, once above the mountain tops up you went 1.1 to 1.5 mps climbs smooth air ski high.

The lighting on the mountains was really beautiful flying in smooth afternoon air perfect way to end the day, later the Seerly was pushing we landed at the Shell garage.

Back home for a Sirloin steak braai and a very tasty meal.

One in a million options

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No where flyable, but we found a place for our group.

After a long deliberation, cold air and some darker clouds, we had a break, sun came out and wind dropped, some of our group flew while other decided to watch, some strong thermals coming over the launch, helping in making a decision, not to fly.

Jim and Dave flying in the flats after a strong thermal guided in in a direction and flew a nice 15kms.

Rest of the day a nice lunch and drive in the country side.

Playing at Langebaan dunes

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A difficult day to predict, but if you not on launch, you will not fly.

We had a good few hours of flying soaring and playing with beautiful views over the Atlantic ocean a few seals playing in the surf as we flew past, the comerants by the hundreds sitting on the water edge and low flying.

Jim and myself flew to Mykenos and back with a bit of low flying. Exciting times.

Later wind increased pushing us higher with more panoramic views, we flew until we felt it was getting too strong then headed for lunch and back home for a great SA Fillet braai.

Three epic days in a row, 0ver 2200m Porterville

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          Western cape today was firing most sites working well not touched by SE erly.

We opted for Porterville at first air was scrappy with climbs not to high, later base went up and the air smoothed out. Most pilots trying to get high, while I went straight and not above the ridge, flying to catch our group.

I had the pleasure of flying with most of the group at different times, Climbing high at Piekenieskloof pass and heading to Rhnosterhoek, from low a big climb to 1800m again , almost all making it to Rhnosterhoek and a bit back.

Our plan was to then follow the N7 back to Piketberg on our final leg. Some good climbs with big sink, climbing to 2200m before heading along the N7 was a great idea, the flats worked well, my Advance XAlps 3 is amazing it cuts into wind soooo well, a amazing glider.

Finally landing just short of Piketburg and the others not fare behind, super good day.

Day one of our new tour cool day at Lions head

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Cloudy at first but good thermic winds a bit cross but good to fly, watching a few tandem at first to see how to get up, always a good idea.

One by one we launched and soon well above the top of Lions what a treat as this is not always the case, our mission was to fly Table Mountain, climbing to 780m asl we headed to TM soon above and heading down the 12 Apostles with good cloud suck we could stay high, but being weary of the clouds.

Wind too south to get right to the end forcing us back, a fantastic days flying Lions work all day I crossed three times with different clients.

A super good way to start this tour, views untouchable and amazing flights.

End of the day a nice fire and steak braai, this is living.

Early birds catch the epic flights

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Going to Signal hill many tandems flying from early, our turn going up was easy with good winds it was basically soaring in the beginning, until the sun warmed up things.

Flying around for a while before trying to climb Lions head, with a bit of patients it worked and soon looking over the city bowl from above.

The next step was to cross over to Table Mountain, not to difficult as we had a tail wind, a small fight at the base of TM but the above with epic views and heading down the 12 Apostles, Dave and Jim finaly landing at Llandudno beach while Hnas returned and landed at the Glen.

Myself tailing behind flew back to Lions and top landing at Signal hill for the retrieve.

Super good day with a great dinner and sunset.

Back to Cape Town and flying SLP and the last night out.

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Last day of flying for this group, wanting to Fly Lions Head, but wind from NE at Signal hill, moving off to SLP wind good but thermic gusts, some chose not to fly other enjoyed the for a while knowing they heading back to the icy winter of Switzerland.

Some good but light thermals taking us to the inversion layer, I decided to fly to Gordons bay beach for a landing beer.

Another fantastic trip with Paraworld, flying many place, different area offering all types of flying, with many personal best in all areas and growing experiences and building confidence. Xc flying and coastal soaring.

Visiting a Elephant park seeing our land scapes during our travels also going to beautiful scenic places, if not flyable and finaly dinner at the Water Front.

The last supper.

Two cool days at Sedge

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                       We had two great days flying sedge view, thermic flying, also offering touch and goes and top landing practicing.

Trying to climb high enough to cross over to Gerricka’s bowl, but the height gains and the head wind made it very difficult. We tried a few times with no luck.

Some of the lower air time pilots working on their thermalling skills and glider control. After flying and navigating some traffic, one could top land and have a lunch break.

Gabor, Paraworlds Instructor showing us a few Acro tricks on a Advance Apha and a tandem wing, very cool to see such control and skill.

We could fly all day and end off with a later afternoon smooth flight.

Shadow man

Beer time Fire and relaxing.