Progress of students and good flying

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April has been good, for training, May a few cold front pushing in so flying not as much, but the post frontal days at Porterville and Sir Lowy’s pass have been just epic.

Light thermic smooth and easy to fly, consistent winds all day and students able to get in many flights.


Gaeton flying consistently well, now getting his basic paragliding license, well done now the learning starts, big adventures ahead. Dieter and Vincent almost ready for license as well.

While Graeme a new starter, cracked the ground handling and has flown Porterville and SLp with confidence, loving it and longing for more.

Winter in Cape Town great for student flying.

Come and learn.   

Students 2019

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Start of student training 2019

After a few days break between our tours, now its time for students again.

We have had two fantastic weekends of training, Staring off with lots of ground handling and slope flights.

The students are getting into it very nicely, and catching onto the skills quite Easley.

Kiting the wind running and kiting and being able to kite the wing reverse up the dunes. Well done.

First flights at our training slope, they have currently flown, Langebaan dunes, Hermanus and Porterville.

Soaring in Hermanus was an epic experience for them, does it get better.

Today we flew Porterville and it did get better, with top landings in both places, flying high and getting in good air time.

Some flights over an hour. This is the way to start.

After some non flying days, beautiful Franschhoek

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Non flying days due to a spinoff low at altitude changed our weather patterns, unstable air mass , thunder, lightning, rain and changing wind directions.

Well we need all rain we can get.


Trying to fly signal hill, with lingering low cloud at first we had a late start, not flying too long due to the clouds opening and closing as the wind increased, but we did get in a good session.


New site for most of the group, Franschhoek is a beautiful very touristic village, set at the foot of beautiful mountains.

At first full cloud cover just kissing the mountain peaks we could fly from 9.30am.

Later the skies opened up, with light winds and light valley thermals, we had a blast flying all over the place.

Most doing top landing while Eike taking advantage and doing ten, Patrick flying all the time a few hours, admiring the beauty seen from high above.

Others of us flying over the village and thermalling up slowly and trying to fly out but no way, good training with light thermals.

Another successful day’s flying.

Porterville at its best, could streets

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Light winds predicted for most of the day, but flying south we hit a breeze SSW, turning back along the ridge bouncing between 650 and 900m, not really having to turn much I caught up to our group to offer assistance.

The flats were also working with good cores, taking one to cloud base 1700m at a constant 4.5 mps climbs. Views stretching for ever, with white puffs cloud and the blue back drop, so special.

Some good distances flown, and PBs by Eike about 32kms.

Second launch from Kardoesie for some and they were beamed to base, flying to Rhnosterhoek and a bit back as the sea breeze came through strong, we all landed safe.

Two very different days good flights and very rewarding.

Piketberg produces again

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Not too many pilots believing in flying Piketberg, would be good, but we had a great day.

Launch window was good and some had three take offs before getting away, others cracked it on the first. A good task set to fly to the antenna south, then heading north to Eendekuil, across the valley into the flats to Piekenieskloof pass and other the mountain range to Citrusdal.

Well the day proved to be good, some struggling and landed short.

Soern flying with us for the first time flew very well as did Hennes and Hans, enjoying the flats and finally landing at the sports field in Citrusdal.

Soerns PB in hours flying and distance, beers all round.

One has to be on take off, and fly to get the best flights.

Paradise to ourselves all day

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Last day in Sedgefield, did we have a winner, the only ones flying Paradise ridge.

Launching from the ramp we had an advantage and it was easy to stay up, wind increased quickly so Bernie and myself did a full service launch for most pilots to get then air borne with out a glitch, it worked.

Flying high above paradise ridge approx. 320 meters and flying over the sea for safety, we could see the wind backing later but straightened more square to the ridge, offering good lift with much less wind.

Having the ridge to ourselves we was special, as its normally full with gliders, pilots flying in different patterns, now we knew each other and it was great.

Spotting many pods of Dolhpins chasing fish, I’m sure there were a few small bait balls as well, as there was lots activity. Shimmering of the water, bird diving and dolphins diving and jumping, such a special moment to watch during our flight.

Most landing at Kleinkranz, while Hennes and myself headed for Gerrickas point, Going around the corner into Gerrrickas bowl was easy but a bit of sink. I scratched my way up and while Hennes had to land in the car park, I join him later, as our ride arrived.

A great few days in Sedge, now back to Cape Town to fly Porterville.

Sedge Buffels Bay and Sedge

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Flying Sedge view, then Buffels bay and Sedge again.

First day was great good thermals nice cores but could only climb to 450m, there were definite house thermals working as there were gliders circling together.

Top landings by most and many starts, later the wind increased and we had to stop, after an hours we tried Kleinkranz, I flew a mini wing, but the rest did a bit of ground handling until the rain forced us home.

For a nice fire Steak braai with mushroom and great salads.

Buffels bay was tops, we flew most of the day before it got strong and blew out, well at least 4 hours of flying.

I flew to almost Brenton on Sea as the wind was more south east in the beginning.

A great learning place for all pilots, but can also be frustrating, in other ways.

Great time had by all.

Back to Sedge but the day was slow and inverted, fighting hard one could stay up and top land.

Then later boom, magic moments good thermals, pilots climbing most places and working together in the tight cores, again a few top landings before things changed. Wind went more west and most dropped out to landing.

Day over.

On the way to Sedge flying SLP, WOW

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On the way to Sedgefield stopping off at SLP sir Lowry’s pass, great idea and good conditions and the Sparrows were there flying as well.

Great clouds, good thermals and views to die for, firstly flying around take off area to get the feeling, then headed north to Hans kop.

Bernie flew in a gaggle with his group giving instruction and guidance, climbing about 700m hitting a light northerly and a low cloud base at Moordenaars peak.

After a few hours of flying, we set off on the road to sedge for a few days.

Arrival of BurnAir and Birdmen tour

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Birdmen/ Burnair 2019


As one groups leaves another arrives, welcome to Burnie from Burnair Switzerland, directly from the air port to Langebaan flying site.

A easy day dune soaring, new to most and very enjoyable. Warm weather and hot sun wind on the sea showing the direction and strength, good to go.

The day was good as the wind increased and we all could fly together, some of us flying along the low dunes to Mykono’s and soaring the houses epic conditions, then a smooth glide back to take off.

We stopped as a rain shower approached, back hot for a early meal briefing and to bed for a good night’s sleep, ready for the next days flying.

Two days in Porterville

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Difficult day in Porterville, winds cold strongish and south, a few pilots launched in a good cycle but the rest did not fly there, we went to Kardoesie launch more into wind and much lighter.

The rest of the gang flew and made it to Rhnosterhoek, while the others flying early also had a good flight to Rhnosterhoek and one pilot flying over to Citrusdal.

Predictions predictions.


Similar forecast but better conditions at launch, everyone flew doing good flights, with a few very low saves about 40m and then climbing in a 5/6mps thermal up to 1200m, now that’s a save.

Lots more in Rhnosterhoek with big smiles, some flying back from Rhnosterhoek to the pass.