Flying New site Serpentine, then flying new distance/areas at sedge

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Trying the new site at Serpentine, great takeoff, the day was stable so difficult to stay high, bubbly thermals and small, difficult to use.

Danny and myself flew while the others watched climbing to the inversion layer but technical. We decided to land and move to Sedge.

Sedge also inverted in the beginning, scrappy air, but as the coastal cool air moved in it became a lot more smooth and soarable.


We flew for a few hours, top landing and flying again, later three of us ventured east towards Swart vlei lake and beyond  new area to fly amazing views of the lake and wind more square to the ridge.

A very successful day and great flying.

Classic day at Sedge and Buffels bay, what a treat.

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Lite SE predicted, starting off at Sedge with good early thermic conditions, in the air soon as possible learning more about their wings and honing ones skills, Climbing to 350/400 but then hitting the prevailing easterly.

Moving off to Buffels was a great decision, we had the ridge to ourselves for almost 3 hours, then a few others joined in our fun.

Easy to launch, watching the wind slowly build, we could play aground, do wind overs fly high then one meter off the beach at speed, while other flew around enjoying the views and the ease of flying.

Wind was perfect to fly more south than normal and high, what a perfect day.

Braai time.


Two difficult days but we managed to get in some flying.

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Being at the right place at the right time and early, we got the window to fly.



The air at Sedge was stable but we worked every ounce of lift, practicing top landings and scratchy thermic lif, all in all a good day but not high flights, like the evening before.

Holiday Inn also a small window from very lite wind to 30+ km in a few minutes, we had tow sessions of flying before it really blew out.

There is always things to do, like rest sleep and re charge……

Sedge is Paradise, we flew all day.

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Breakfast at the market on Saturdays.

Advance Epsilon 9 and Sigma 10

Flying Sedge then Paradise and a late afternoon sedge epic flying.

Sedge starts early nice thermals kicking off, climbing up high and cruising over Sedge town. Others practicing top landings and getting into the feeling of thermic flying.


Time for Paradise ridge, launching from the Ramp, well this surprised some .

All good takeoffs and we could fly a few times to Gerricka’s point and back. Flying with the gulls and the odd raptor, Buzzards.

Smooth air, enjoying the scenic views of the sea below, hoping to spot a Shark or Dolphins in the surf but no luck.

After a few hours of flying the wind backed off so forcing us to land.

Back to Sedge for the final hours, lite conditions but yet very good, with a bit of patients Danny and I climbed to over 700m.

Flying over to Gerricka’s was easy we finally landed at our house, not with out enjoying the lite lee side thermals keeping us up.

What a perfect day ended with beers, wine, savanna Fire and a great meal.

Summer is here and our tour season has started

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Starting with a smaller group, first days flying was at Signal Hill, we launched between the tandem pilots.

Our timing was perfect we could stay up and fly with lite thermal getting above the ridge to look back into Cape Town and the Majestic Table Mountain.

Then later leaving for the relaxing journey to Sedge field, arriving in good time to have the famous SA Birdmen Braai.

Next day flying Sedge, with inverted conditions we had a bit of a wait but got to fly and enjoy the scenery, a few top landings and getting rid of the cob webs for our guests. A good day after all.


Great training season 2019

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Qualifying two batches of students, this is the reason why I train, giving people the freedom of flight. Seeing them on their first flights, bouncing for joy, watching them grow, flying well and on the way to their licenses.

Flying places like Hermanus, Portherville, Piketberg and SLP. Some soaring and other places light thermic conditions.

Well done to you all, flying well. Memories are made on our day outings, flying all over the place.

Test blg

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Barry in Zeermatt

Progress of students and good flying

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April has been good, for training, May a few cold front pushing in so flying not as much, but the post frontal days at Porterville and Sir Lowy’s pass have been just epic.

Light thermic smooth and easy to fly, consistent winds all day and students able to get in many flights.


Gaeton flying consistently well, now getting his basic paragliding license, well done now the learning starts, big adventures ahead. Dieter and Vincent almost ready for license as well.

While Graeme a new starter, cracked the ground handling and has flown Porterville and SLp with confidence, loving it and longing for more.

Winter in Cape Town great for student flying.

Come and learn.   

Students 2019

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Start of student training 2019

After a few days break between our tours, now its time for students again.

We have had two fantastic weekends of training, Staring off with lots of ground handling and slope flights.

The students are getting into it very nicely, and catching onto the skills quite Easley.

Kiting the wind running and kiting and being able to kite the wing reverse up the dunes. Well done.

First flights at our training slope, they have currently flown, Langebaan dunes, Hermanus and Porterville.

Soaring in Hermanus was an epic experience for them, does it get better.

Today we flew Porterville and it did get better, with top landings in both places, flying high and getting in good air time.

Some flights over an hour. This is the way to start.

After some non flying days, beautiful Franschhoek

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Non flying days due to a spinoff low at altitude changed our weather patterns, unstable air mass , thunder, lightning, rain and changing wind directions.

Well we need all rain we can get.


Trying to fly signal hill, with lingering low cloud at first we had a late start, not flying too long due to the clouds opening and closing as the wind increased, but we did get in a good session.


New site for most of the group, Franschhoek is a beautiful very touristic village, set at the foot of beautiful mountains.

At first full cloud cover just kissing the mountain peaks we could fly from 9.30am.

Later the skies opened up, with light winds and light valley thermals, we had a blast flying all over the place.

Most doing top landing while Eike taking advantage and doing ten, Patrick flying all the time a few hours, admiring the beauty seen from high above.

Others of us flying over the village and thermalling up slowly and trying to fly out but no way, good training with light thermals.

Another successful day’s flying.